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Our dog leash has an internal water tank and a handle to hang a bag dispenser, so you have everything you need at your fingertips.
A simple and effective idea to return to freedom of movement during the ride!


Puppy Ride?

The owners go out to the street loaded with bags, bottles of water, ... in addition to the dog leash. Walking with our dog without carrying an arsenal with us is increasingly difficult.

That's why we came up with Puppy Ride: a simple and effective idea. Fill the tank with water and vinegar or some type of liquid soap, and just press the button to immediately dilute the waste of our pet.


Easy to use

Can be operated with one hand to allow us greater freedom of movement.

Comfortable and lightweight

Forget the water bottle! All you need to walk your dog on a single dog leash.


Our design is nationally and internationally patented, so Puppy Ride will only be a reality when we manufacture it.


Made of injected plastic because we want to make it as resistant as possible without being heavy.

Better living

Improve living with your neighbors by eliminating the smell and the marks left by urine in your city.

Avoid sanctions

The penalties for dirtying the streets with our best friends are increasingly widespread. Get rid of them!


Take care of your city avoiding corrosion caused by your pet’s waste.


The tank is easily recharged in any tap and, in addition, water, admits both vinegar and liquid soaps.

Take care

of your city

Better neighbors, better coexistence, best friends. We bring the latest technology to the design of the extendable dog leashes in order to make your life easier and, above all, more comfortable. You will no longer have to carry your bottle of water. Aim the jet and dilute your pet's urine instantly.




We begin to see dog owners diluting their pet's urine. At the same time, the municipalities begin to sanction for dirtying the streets. The need arises to carry a bottle of water, but we find it very uncomfortable and impractical, since you occupy both of your hands. It is when we begin to devise Puppy Ride, a dog leash with a water tank.

Through an intellectual property agent, the application for the Utility Model (U201730793) is presented, which is granted in October 2017. Meanwhile, we continue to improve the design and make 3D prototypes.

The idea takes shape and we began to investigate the manufacturing of the same asking for quotes from different suppliers.
At the same time, we developed a Feasibility Plan with positive results and applied for the international patent, since there is nothing like it in the market.

We go to a product designer for the design and manufacture of a Functional Prototype. It is the prototype that is included in the video that will be used in Kickstarter, crowdfunding platform to which our team has decided to use in the search for financing for the project.

Presentation of the prototype to larg surfaces, which have wellcomed the product with great interest. We are waiting for their firm proposal to start manufactorinf the dog leashes, and are spected to be finished before the summer of 2020. They can be purchased, in addition to the large surfaces witch we contract, on this website and through Amazon.



The Puppy Ride belt is a project in development. At this time, we are waiting for the large companies around the pets to respond to the offer of our leashes.
His first impression is very positive and that encourages us to continue working, both in Spain and in Europe, through international fairs.
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