PuppyRide is a Spanish company, from Elda, holder of a Utility Model that empowers us exclusively to manufacture and sell extendable dog leashes with a built-in tank.

Both the existing sanctions in many municipalities, and the responsibility of the owners of the dogs to the rest of the neighbors, makes it necessary to normalize the dilution of the urine of our pets. We want to offer COMFORT at the ride with our best friends, eliminating carry with the small bottle of water.

We sell the first and only extensible leash with integrated tank in the market. With this leash, in addition to making walking with your pet more comfortable, you will avoid fines for not diluting its urine immediately.

It will depend on the size (weight) and sex of our pet. A male urinates about 0.032 cc per kg of weight, which means, for a 22 lb dog, 0.32 cc (the equivalent of a can). Females urinate less.

Our SMALL leashes have this capacity, and if the walk is longer than necessary, it can be refilled at a public fountain. In addition, the leash is designed to withstand the “tugging” of a dog up to 33 lb.

If you have a dog over 33 lb (and a maximum of 55 lb), you should use the MEDIUM leashes, both for the tank capacity and the strength of the tape.

Individuals can buy the leashes on this website at shop.

For wholesalers, we have the  section access to companies, where we redirect them to our manufacturing partner.

Although the water already facilitates cleaning, it is advisable to fill the tank, diluting it with vinegar and/or some type of liquid soap and/or germicide. Both the tank and the rest of the circuit mechanisms are prepared to support the use of such products.

If you notice that no water comes out when you press the trigger even though there is water in the tank, this is because the system is “empty”. Simply let a little air in (by slightly lifting the tank filler cap).

In the near future we plan to make MEDIUM leashes, for dogs up to 25 kg, with a larger tank capacity and with a reinforced braking system, since their strength is greater and the SMALL leashes would not support it.

In both SMALL and MEDIUM dog leashes we will expand the range of colours.

And we’re studying making pills with the right dosage of germicides/disinfectants to pour into the tank. Even more comfort, as our goal says.