Freedom of movement!

Our dog leash has an internal water tank and a handle to hang a bag dispenser, so that you always have everything you need at your fingertips.

A simple and effective idea to regain freedom of movement during the walk!

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Why PuppyRide?

Currently, when we take our pets out, we need to hold the leash, the little water bottle, bags, mobile, the children, … Walking with our dog without carrying an arsenal with us is increasingly difficult.

We lack hands!!!

To solve it, PuppyRide arrives. We fill the tank of the leash with water and vinegar (or some type of liquid soap), and just press the button to immediately dilute the waste that our pet causes.

Take care of your city!

Keep your environment clean! Better neighbors, better coexistence, better citizens. We bring the latest technology to the design of the extendable dog leashes to make your ride easier and, above all, more comfortable.

You will no longer have to carry the bottle of water. Point the jet and dilute your pet’s urine instantly.

dibujo paseo a perro
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EASY TO USE. The water button is operated simply by pressing with a finger. Greater freedom of movement on the walk.

COMFORT. Forget the water bottle! All you need to walk your dog on a single dog leash. Aim and shoot. Launch a jet!

PATENTED. PuppyRide is the unique dog leash with a built-in tank on the market, thanks to our patent protection.

RESISTANT. Made of injected plastic because we want to make it as resistant as possible without being heavy.

CIVISM. Improve coexistence with your neighbors by eliminating the smell and marks left by the urine from your pet in your city.

AVOID SANCTIONS. The fines for littering the streets with our best friends are increasingly widespread. Get rid of them!

SUSTAINABLE. Take care of your city avoiding the corrosion caused in urban furniture by your pet's waste.

RECHARGEABLE. The tank is easily refilled at any domestic tap or public fountain.

Next steps

After several years of development, PuppyRide leashes are now a reality. You already have the SMALL belts available, with 9,84 tape legth and a 1 fl oz tank capacity. These dog leashes are suitable for dogs up to 44 lb. They SHOULD NOT BE USED with dogs over 44 lb, because neither the capacity of the tank nor the resistance of the tape will offer the function for which they have been designed.

But if you have a heavier dog, don’t worry. Very soon we will be launching the MEDIUM leashes, with a larger tank capacity and a tape length of 16,4 fl. These are suitable for dogs from 44 lb up to 55 lb.

We will also expand the range of colors available, so you can fully customize the ride with your best friend.